Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The LAST Show And Tell @ Living Room - Wed Aug 24 w/Icarus Kid, Mini Airlines, Googly

Wednesday August 24
The Living Room
1355 E. Olive Way

After a year and a half, Show And Tell is packing it in and goin' fishing. I started the night in April 2010 inspired by nights like Oscillate from years back that were primarily dedicated to celebrating electronic producers from the Northwest new and just beginning. We've had some amazing live sets from the likes of Retic, Naturebot, Natasha Kmeto, SciFiSol, Electrosect, Miniature Airlines, Vox Mod, Hjalti, Logic Probe, Cyanwave, just to name a few.

We're having a farewell party at the Living Room featuring live sets from Icarus Kid, Miniature Airlines, and The Googly. Thank you to all that made the Show And Tell community what's it been - it meant the world to me!

** Late Night Happy Hour! $3 wells/drafts/wine 10pm-midnight! **

Dan Crowdus is the mastermind behind The Icarus Kid, the futuristic, live electronic music project that brings the classic sounds of the Nintendo Entertainment System to the dancefloor.

After studying both music and computer science at the University of Kentucky, Dan abandoned lifelong aspirations of becoming a video game developer to fully focus on his greater passion: music performance. Following a move to Seattle, he began playing with bands and DJing house music at nightclubs, which provided a solid foundation to blend these worlds together into a live show that twists and warps familiar themes into entirely new soundscapes. An endless obsession with software and technology has given birth to a deviously programmed live setup, including full keyboards and a synchronized LED lightshow that responds to live events.

2010 has been a big year for The Icarus Kid, with a booking to play with acclaimed orchestral show "Video Games Live", a 1st place finish in the Seattle Laptop Battle, and the release of his self-titled debut album on September 15th.
The album takes its 8-bit roots on a journey through many genres of electronic music, evoking comparisons to Daft Punk, Crystal Castles, and Aphex Twin. The music’s strong focus on melody and extensive use of the orchestra has yielded an overwhelmingly positive critical response.

Miniature Airlines is a Seattle based producer of melodic yet experimental electronic music, with influences ranging from new wave, hip hop, IDM, glitch, and pop styles. Armed with a laptop and some MIDI controllers, he's released several free EPs, and plays the occasional live PA set in the Pacific Northwest.

The Googly is the music project of Bremerton producer and DJ Adrian Rowe. Originally from Virginia where a dearth of cultural pursuits encouraged him to create his own, The Googly had to figure things out for himself, which helped to him develop his sound. Now residing just outside of Seattle, The Googly spends his time melding rich waves of distortion with soaring melody to create a unique and driving sound. With a keen eye toward forward thinking production, elements of glitch, IDM, and shoegaze feed into 4/4 and hip hop beats that drive the dancefloor
Drawing influence from musical artists like David Lynch, Nosaj Thing, Apparat, Squarepusher, Fleetwood Mac, Carl Craig, Plaid, Nathan Fake, and Robag Whume, The Googly collaborates with many local producers and has become a key musical figure in his local music scene. Versatile and open-minded to new styles and sounds, The Googly’s constantly evolving live shows and diverse dj sets continue to keep listeners on their toes wondering what could happen next.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SHOW AND TELL w/5HIF7Y & Vox Mod - Wed June 22 @ Living Room

Show And Tell, the biweekly residency every other Wednesday solely dedicated to Northwest electronic music producers, is delighted to welcome back two hard-working local producers ready to bestow new productions and live sets upon ye: 5HIF7Y & Vox Mod!


As a Washington state native, Taylor Dahlberg, aka 5H1F7Y (pronounced "shifty") has been producing electronic music for the past 10 years. At the age of 17, towards the last few years of his soccer playing days, 5H1F7Y had discovered the joy of electronic music. Being exposed to all genres of electronica from fellow friends and current day venues, he instantly fell in love with the idea of being able to make music, specifically electronic music.
Originally, 5H1F7Y purchased an all-in-one DJ turntable package, as the first step in being able to work with music directly. It wasn't long before he realized that mixing music together was a good outlet, but was not occupying his creativity as much he knew something should be. It was 2 years after his original purchase of a turntable and mixer set that 5H1F7Y decided to buy a drum machine. A machine which was capable of allowing an artist to create their art, in the form of an electronic beat. It was at this point that his life would be changed forever.

- - - -

Seattle based musician and artist, Scot Porter aka Vox Mod, is destined to shape the future sounds of electronic music. He released HAZMAT on April 30, 2011, a sonic journey of cosmic proportions that leads the listener across the universe through lush planets, vibrant nebulas, and rifts in time and space. HAZMAT literally means hazardous materials, and that is to suggest that the music is a culmination of ideas and that those ideas can have monumental effects. It also represents a crossing point of old Vox Mod (Voicechanger) music and foreshadows the yet to be discovered soundscapes.

Hosted by Show And Tell resident Verse!

No Cover!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Show And Tell w/Logic Probe & The Algebra of Need - Wed June 8 @ Living Room

Show And Tell presents a night of beautiful outsider electronic music...

///***the Algebra of Need***\\\ (Pleasure Boat Records)

After over a year hiatus from music, the Algebra of Need is returning with even more harrowing and outer-galactic sounds than you've ever known to exist.

"The 29 AON tracks I've heard (culled from three CDs) are staggeringly accomplished. Nobody in this city—or on this planet, for that matter—sounds like the Algebra of Need. Her pieces range from 47 seconds to 20 minutes, and they follow circuitous paths to seldom-trod regions abounding with highly unusual tones and bizarrely charming tunes. Some tracks boast a monomaniacal, hypnotic quality; others move in unpredictable spasms and lurches. But no matter the methodology, they spellbind with the sure grip of genius. It might seem hyperbolic, but I think that the Algebra of Need is a maverick on the level of Aphex Twin and Raymond Scott."
- Dave Segal, The Stranger

\\\***Logic Probe***/// (Dustortoin)

Logic Probe’s hard-edged, heady yet melodic sound is created via complex web of homemade electronics, circuit-bent keyboards, and laptop programming.
They have 6 full length self released albums, have composed remixes and soundtracks for local bands and filmmakers and have shared the stage with notable acts such as Alex Smoke, Telefon Tel Aviv, Apparat, Lusine, Uberzone, Proem, DOSC and Richard Devine. Their unique sound is characterized by sultry melodic synth lines, deep distorted bass, chaotic drum patterns layered on top of glitched-out mechanized rhythms. Derek and Dave independently construct sections and tracks for each song and bring them together on the fly to create a densely packed architecture that is revealed in their enigmatic improvised live sets and recordings.

Check out their recent Plasmodium podcast here!
Also- check out the new Logic Probe video here!

Hosted by Naturebot

@The Living Room (1355 E Olive, Seattle)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Show And Tell presents An Evening with The Googly - Wednesday, May 25


Show And Tell presents
An Evening with The Googly
Wednesday, May 25
The Living Room
1355 E. Olive Way

By now, many of you that attend Show And Tell regularly know of Bremerton's own The Googly, one of hardest working producers in the Northwest. He's also a bonafide DJ with deep crates to show for it. Show And Tell is delighted to present an evening featuring a live set and DJ session from The Googly, who just released his first album, Everything Is A Vampire (on sale now at: http://iamgoogly.bandcamp.com/album/everything-is-a-dracula)

The Googly (aka Adrian Rowe) is a DJ for the people, a longtime crate-killer who uses a vehicle of beats to provide just the right mood, reading the dance floor like a book and feeding it exactly the sounds it is hungry for. His love of playing partymaker began around age 7, when he would rip songs from the radio and onto cassettes, mix them up and play the new creations at his parents’ parties to fine effect. Realizing that he who holds the records rules the dance floor, The Googly’s natural progression to a purveyor of sounds soon followed, and this DJ has been spreading music to the people ever since. Now residing just outside of Seattle, The Googly focuses on house, techno and tech-house, weaving in elements of glitch, minimal and experimental sounds as well. His alter-ego The Paused creates more downtempo and ambient music, providing lush sounds when the atmosphere calls for a more chilled-out mood. Influenced by many genres of musical artists like Air, Zero 7, Miss Kittin, Squarepusher, Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, Plaid, Nathan Fake and Robag Whume, The Googly collaborates with many local producers and shares his music with all. Versatile and open-minded to new styles and sounds, The Googly’s keen sense of the dance floor’s mood and hefty experience as a DJ make him a perfect fit for any event.


Hosted by Show And Tell resident Verse!

No cover!

Monday, April 25, 2011



Wednesday, April 27th
The Living Room
1355 E. Olive Way

SHOW AND TELL celebrates a memorable year of showcasing live electronic
music all made in the Pacific Northwest with our 1st Anniversary Party at
the Living Room on Wednesday, April 27!

Since last April, SHOW AND TELL hosts Verse & Naturebot have welcomed dozens
of incredibly talented and prolific Northwest producers to share their ideas
and compositions in a listening party environment. Along the way, we
developed a sense of community where a myriad of roots have been planted and
friendships made upstairs in the cozy confines of the Living Room. It?s been
a special year & we?re eagerly looking forward to the future and the talent
that?ll help move forward the solid development of Northwest electronic
music that we celebrate each month.

To ring in the first anniversary of SHOW AND TELL, we feature a headlining
live set from HJALTI and lives sets from both SHOW AND TELL residents
- - - -
HJALTI (live)

For the past three years, Seattle-based musician Timm Blakley (aka Hjalti)
has been creating music that creeps around the edges of many genres, but
doesn?t fit comfortably into any of their confines. How can you categorize
music that combines the subtle harmonies and tones of ambient music with the
shattered complexity of IDM, and then layers it all on top of rhythms that
build to the climactic intensity of industrial and black metal? How do you
reconcile the cerebral glitch techniques that are used to create this music,
with the raw emotional catharsis revealed in the end results? Then again,
worrying about techniques and categories is beside the point when you can
just listen, and let this dark and distinctive musical vision speak for

PR for new album:
The third full-length album from Hjalti is finally here, and it's a monster.
The evolutionary changes apparent between ?Winter Asks What We Did in the
Summer? and the follow-up, ?And Will You Leave Me Thus...? have accelerated
with this release, giving us a glimpse of a gorgeous and terrifying vision.
Chords stretch and drag, pulled like tides reacting to some distant mass,
while thundering drums press in from all around, deeper and more intense
with every track. Respite is momentary, but oh so sweet. Then comes more
crushing darkness...

Include remixes by Ryan Math, Miniature Airlines, the Googly, and Naturebot.
- - - -

If you're an individual with an ear for electronic music and lives in the
Seattle area, chances are you've come in contact in one form or another of
The Naturebot's many endeavors. The Naturebot (Fremonter Ian Scot Price) has
firmly affixed his tentacles of talent to the city and shows no intention of
loosening his bubbly, technicolor grasp. Price's productions exhibit an
incredible sound palette and versatility. The Naturebot's sophomore
full-length release, "The Schnebly", instilled feelings of sonic bliss,
pumped out by an m?lange of analog and digital synthesis and production, and
exhibited frenetic, Aphex Twin-esqe rhythmic programming and composition. In
attempting to avoid clich? genre labels, this can be said: his sound can
only be defined by the individual works themselves.

Price's recent work finds the artist embracing a more subtle beauty and
understanding of space allowing for the mind to explore the moments within
his shimmering melodies and percussive structures, as evidenced by his
upcoming album Hello World! being released June 2011.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Price has been extremely active in
other areas of the electronic community. He is known for co-founding the
popular monthly Bonkers! at Rebar (RIP) as well as taking part in putting on
Show and Tell and Voltage Control, both of which have become a hub for local
artists and enthusiasts alike to share and absorb the many facets of
electronic music. Moreover, Price is also the founder and owner of Pleasure
Boat Records, which has established itself as a prominent force in
introducing eclectic electronic music to the masses for the past several
years of its existence.
- - - -
VERSE (live)

Verse (aka Josh Roberts) has been rocking Seattle decks since 2004 when he
got his DJ start with Flea Market, an acclaimed residency featuring Brent
Tactic (now in KC as part of the nationally known DJ/producer team Tactic),
Kadeejah Streets (Innerflight), Scratchmaster Joe, and Greg Skidmore. Verse
has played in Seattle, Portland, and Austin alongside James Holden, Recess,
Jerry Abstract, Nordic Soul, Kris Moon, Kristina Childs, Eva, The Sight
Below, Jon McMillion, Natasha Kmeto, Jon Lemmon, Sam Kirkland, krnl.panic,
Struggle, Julia, TJ Gorton, Miss Problematic, Barbarella, among many others,
in venues such as Chop Suey, Re-bar, and Neumos, to cite a few. He is now
the founder and co-host of the live electronic music night Show And Tell at
the Living Room. Now trying his hand in music production, Verse is playing
only his second live set ever at the Show And Tell 1st Anniversary Party.

No cover!
Drink specials!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Pleasure Boat Records showcase tonight at DROP!

Show And Tell co-host Naturebot's Pleasure Boat Records has a ginormous label showcase this evening at Lo-Fi! From the Innerflight crew:

Tune In, Turn On, DROP

3rd Fridays @ LoFi Performance Gallery
Lofi Performance Gallery
429 Eastlake Avenue East

9pm - 3am
$10 @ Door

Showcasing TWO rooms of expansive electronic music every month until 3 AM.
from your friends at Innerflight

Main Room:

MONTY LUKE (Planet E, Mothership)

JON MCMILLION (NuEarth Kitchen)


Front Room:

Pleasure Boat Records Showcase

NATUREBOT (Album release!)

POTATO FINGER (Album release!)





***Couch Surfer Art Show***

Monty Luke Bio:

Monty Luke brings a funky, stripped down and eclectic sound to underground dance music. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Los Angeles, his background stands as the genesis of the broad musical scope he showcases as both DJ and producer. After gaining experience up and down the west coast, Monty moved to the San Francisco bay area where he settled into a solid career; regularly collaborating with crews such as Friends & Family, Pacific/Sunset, Green Gorilla, Stompy, and [Kontrol].

In 2002, Monty began his career as a producer when he released “What U Feel” alongside Sam Urton under the Loopwreckas moniker. That release was quickly picked up by Dubtribe’s Imperial Dub label. Following a short hiatus, Monty then teamed up with Stompy Hi-Fi resident DJ Tasho and dropped the instant classic, “Paranoid,” which became the second release on Mothership Music. A favorite amongst DJ’s and ‘those that know,’ Monty has continued to set the bar high for himself and his listeners, melding an upfront, electronic jack tracks mix style with an ear for the dance floor.
In mid 2008, Monty made a move to Detroit, Michigan to work with his mentor, techno legend Carl Craig. As Craig’s right-hand man at Planet E Communications, Monty was able to receive the right kind of freedom and encouragement that led him back into the studio to produce “Panik Attack,” his mighty follow-up to “Paranoid.”
In 2010, Monty remains focused on bringing that raw, eclectic jack music to the world through both his DJ sets and original productions. The future is now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SHOW AND TELL w/Crown Hill Repeater & Your City Sleeps - Wed April 13 @ Living Room

SHOW AND TELL is a biweekly listening party for new and veteran electronic music producers every other Wednesday at the Living Room Bar on Capitol Hill. This time around we have the elusive and astounding duo Crown Hill Repeater playing for a full two hours and a lovely late night set by the great ambient man about town Your City Sleeps!

Hosted by Show And Tell resident Naturebot

Come early and take advantage of $3 wells/drafts/wine & $1 sliders/pizza between 9-10pm.

No cover, ever

More information below. See you there!

Living Room - 1355 E. Olive Way

CROWN HILL REPEATER (2 hour live set!)
The Crown Hill Repeater has many aspects, but musically it is the anxious child of Eric Moon and W. C. Snavely. Both Moon and Snavely have a long-lasting history of electronic music production grounded in early-childhood expreriments with Commodore personal computers. Roughly 39 years of tinkering and gear-lust between the two have resulted in several solo endeavors, weird collaborations, and releases. Somehow, it led them both to Crown Hill, Washington (Occupied Cascadia).

CHR live performances aim to entertain both the audience and the performers without sacrificing musicality. Rather than playing the same canned sets over and over with small variations in timing and crossfades, Moon and Snavely largely improvise, using fragments of past works, a tableful of willful hardware, and, occasionally, actual music instruments.

Eric Moon has been prolific for the last decade, influencing and inspiring many people in the greater Seattle area. He has regularly performed at conferences such as Seattle's Decibel Festival and the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival, as well as one-off performances and DJ sets at various Seattle venues. Many artists have collaborated with Moon ranging from Austin, TX to Hawaii. As Seiche, Eric continues to explore the balance between deep space isolation and terrestrial paralysis.

William Collin Snavely (aka DOSC) shares Eric's infatuation with electronic music creation and ground-up sound synthesis. As DOSC, William creates densely rhythmic soundscapes inspired by American melodrama. One of first IDM artists to have a small feature in SPIN magazine, as well as several glowing reviews of his debut album Status Negatives, Snavely continues to produce and perform under various monikers as well as make a career out of sound design.

Your city sleeps is an Electronic Music Project from the mind of Seattle Producer/DJ Miles Kazemian. Miles was introduced to the electronic music scene by exploring the seattle rave culture in the early 2000's. Influenced by artists like Dieselboy, AK1200, Dj Dara, and Zacharia (A Seattle DnB Chairman) Miles began to spin drum and bass music under the handle "Dj Program" around the end of 2002. Since then more and more artists have continued to evolve, and create new genres of music all around the electronic spectrum. Artists like Autechre, and Aphex Twin have Paved the way for Miles and Your City Sleeps and countless other artists to produce experimental and shocking works of art, that are as Melodic as they are tough.

"I like to make people think when they listen. About places and experiences. Life and death." Miles said about his album, The Illustrator. "I want people to think about a lot of things when they hear my music, and I make it to suit them in that way. I like to hear what people think about when they hear a song I wrote. A lot of people believe that music needs words to be about anything, and I believe that this is simply not true. What makes a symphony beautiful? It's not words. It can't be described. I just like to make music that makes me think about things, fantasy or real. Be it out of love, or hate."