Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SHOW & TELL w/special DJ sets from Alex Ruder (KEXP) & Joe Bellingham (Shameless) - Wednesday, December 22 @ Living Room

Wednesday, December 22
All-NW electronic music DJ sets from:
Alex Ruder (KEXP)
Joe Bellingham (Shameless)
Hosted by Show And Tell co-resident Naturebot!
Living Room - 1355 E. Olive Way

Show And Tell provides you with a little local motion this holiday season. Join our friends Alex Ruder and Joe Bellingham as we team up and bring you a night of *nothing but local electronic music* as spun by our master selectors. Your host Naturebot will be jumping on the decks as well. All of our guests have a glut of local music knowledge and are sure to expand your horizons.

Alex Ruder (simply known on the airwaves as DJ Alex) has been spinning an adventurous mix of music on KEXP ever since he was given his first on-air opportunity in February 2008. Before then, he volunteered at Rainydawg Radio (UW’s student-run online radio station) for two years, serving as the station’s electronic music director and hosting two weekly shows.

Used to play bass in a few bands. When that got boring he set out hoping to find some music he could do solo. He was an alright bass player but he couldn't play piano… was never really good at the guitar. His friends were open about how much he sucked at the drums taking the sticks away constantly. He has since found Ableton Live and been working that shit. oh baby. word.

NATUREBOT (Pleasure Boat Records, Bonkers!, Show and Tell)

Always free! Now with happy hour specials- From 9-10PM you can get $1 sliders and personal pizzas as well as $3 drafts and well drinks at the Living Room!

Dark Side of the Nintendo Moon

This has been online since last March, so apologies to those already privy to this thing of beauty...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Miniature Airlines - Live at Seattle Laptop Battle 2010

Show And Tell friend Miniature Airlines got past the first round of last night's Seattle Laptop Battle for the first time with this great 3-minute set:

The Googly - Live at Seattle Laptop Battle 2010

Show And Tell friend The Googly played a great 3-minute set at last night's Seattle Laptop Battle, the 7th edition of an annual Seattle electronic music tradition!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SHOW & TELL w/Miniature Airlines, Hjalti, Powermitten (aka Looptid) - Wednesday, December 9 @ Living Room

Show And Tell regular Naturebot hosts this Wednesday's edition, featuring...

Hjalti [Timm Blakley] is a Seattle based musician with influences which span from industrial to classical. He likens his minimalist style to winter which has the regret of summer and the hope of spring. He has been described as liking modal chords with jazz influences and a dry snare. He disagrees with the jazz part of this.

Dylan Abbott writes pop songs. Lately, he's been in the habit of taking them apart, fucking up all the pieces, and reconstructing them as something else, something that still resembles a pop song structure, but just barely. When he does this, he calls the results Miniature Airlines, and so far he's done this for several years, on two self-released EPs ("Apparel" and "Pushpin Revolution"). Originally known as Airliner (before a Swede with the same name made him change it), Minature Airlines has taken his music from poppy electro to cerebral glitch, soaking up the influence of IDM, new wave, and hip-hop along the way. Expect melody, splintered breakbeats, heavily processed atmospheres, and titles stolen from Thomas Pynchon novels from this Canadian ex-pat.

Powermitten is Epilectro. Powermitten aims to create and remix everything the world wishes they forgot. Powermitten is unique. You may also know him as the man behind Looptid Visuals.

Always free! 9PM-1AM @ The Living Room in Seattle
1355 E. Olive Way