Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Stranger preview for tonight's Show And Tell w/Gunnar Lockwood & YaNoMas!

Hat tip to Dave Segal for writing a great preview on The Stranger Line Out blog for tonight's Show And Tell with Gunnar Lockwood & YaNoMas!! See you at 9pm!

TONIGHT! Show And Tell w/Gunnar Lockwood & YaNoMas!


Tonight! SHOW AND TELL at The Living Room w/live sets from Gunnar Lockwood & YaNoMas (Pleasure Boat)! Join us at one of the only nights around celebrating Northwest live electronic music! No cover & great drink specials all night (many under $5)! 9pm-close

Living Room
1355 E. Olive Way

Monday, June 28, 2010

MPC goodness

Proof positive that the MPC is one hell of an instrument – here’s Dipset producer AraabMuzik absolutely killing it (h/t to Larry Mizell Jr.)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shameless Social #2 tonight at ETG!


June 25th from 9pm- LATE late!!
ETG members only.

Bonkers/Pleasure Boat Showcase!!

This month we're focusing our attention towards the wonderfully quirky world of live electronics. Come early to catch Menami and Naturebot tag on the decks to warm up the floor. From there, live sets ALL night long with artists from the Ghostly International and Pleasure Boat Record labels. Check them out below...


(Ghostly Int'l- Toronto) - Live

Solvent is Jason Amm, a robot music composer, analog synthesizer fetishist, and co-founder of the renowned Suction Records label. Born in Zimbabwe in 1972, Solvent currently resides in a room full of machines in Toronto, Canada. He is touring in support of his new album "Subject To Shift" out May 25th on Ghostly.

Solvent has been releasing his unique brand of synthesizer-pop music since 1997, and is best known for his releases on Morr Music (2001's "Solvent City") and Ghostly International (2004's "Apples & Synthesizers", 2005's "Elevators & Oscillators"). Solvent has created his own unique version of electro-pop: too elegent and sincere for the electroclash set, too complex and contemporary to sound like it was recorded in 1981, and too seeped in the time-honoured traditions of melody, songwriting and hands-on synthesis to be lost in the overcrowded world of IDM. Along with some notable remixes including Soft Cell, Alter Ego, and Adult., Solvent has also contributed standout tracks to several influential electronica compilations in recent years, including "Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey" (Morr Music), "Disco Nouveau" (Ghostly International), and "Misery Loves Company" (Ersatz Audio). His songs have also been licensed to several high-profiles DJ mix CDs, including Sven Vath's "Sound of the 5th Season" (Cocoon), Dr. Lektroluv's "Lektroluv 5" (541), and Death in Vegas' "Fabric Live 23" (Fabric London). Today, Solvent is widely regarded in the underground electronica community as being the forefront of electro-pop's return to form.

UK magazine The Wire recently described Solvent as part of a new generation of composers "gleefully blurring the lines" between modern techno and vintage techno-pop. Solvent currently records exclusively for Ghostly International, and has been touring extensively since 2004, having shared the stage with Adult., Legowelt, Bola, Junior Boys, Matthew Dear, Lusine, Lowfish, and more.

Lusine (Ghostly Int'l- Seattle) - Live

Jeff McIlwain has been producing his visceral, melodic strain of abstract electronic music as Lusine for 10 years now. Originally a Texas native, Jeff attended CalArts in 1998, studying 20th-century electronic music and sound design for music and film. Soon after, he met Shad Scott and put out his self-titled debut as Lusine for Isophlux. Since then, McIlwain relocated to Seattle and began steadily releasing his music on Ghostly International. As Lusine, Jeff is one of Seattle's most revered and internationally respected producers.
McIlwain has performed throughout the US and abroad, including a set at London’s esteemed Fabric nightclub, and an ambient multimedia performance at Seattle’s Triple Door in which he collaborated with video artist Scott Sunn. McIlwain has recently been involved in two film projects, co-scoring David Gordon Green’s 2008 film Snow Angels (with Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell), and scoring Kevin Bray’s 2009 film Linewatch (with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Omari Hardwick).

McIlwain’s 2009 release, A Certain Distance, has gone on to become his best reviewed and best selling album to date. In addition, 2009 has brought Lusine several high profile festival performances, including DEMF, MUTEK, Sonar and the Decibel Festival.

Relcad (Album release party; Pleasure Boat Records) - Live

Relcad is a world-class and heavily-trained experimental house/techno musician that conjures up wild soundscapes and stunning atmospheres that combine the pulse of house music, the detail-centered tweaks of micro-dub, and the relentless energy of techno. Last year he released a track on Peloton Musique alongside a smattering of internationally-respected artists, of which Dave Segal of The Stranger stated the his "piece damn near stole the show, even from esteemed figures like Markus Nikolai, Jeff Samuel, Lusine, and Twerk."
Live PAs in the past have seen Relcad building unrelenting and momentous energy over a heavy bedrock of unclassifiable sounds and heavy bass. A Seattle artist who plays out infrequently, Relcad is one of the most remarkable and hidden gems in a city full of them. Relcad will be celebrating the release of his phenomenal new full-length Capital Island on Pleasure Boat Records, which will be available at the show and released nationwide the following month.

Potatofinger (Pleasure Boat Records) - Live

World-class sound mangler and beat mathematician Eli Hetrick, aka PotatoFinger, is an amazingly deft musician that has such a singular, unique, and developed sound that you'll swear you've never heard him before. Thick grimey bass, breakbeats cut to shreds, and details that take months to lay down.
Self-described as "polymorphic beat structures juggling/phasing/interspersing with atmospheric melodic concoctions", Potatofinger has been blazing around the music charts of KEXP for the last year and has been receiving nationwide airplay as of recent. Expect to hear much more in the future from him.

Ya No Mas (Pleasure Boat Records) - Live

"Hello ETG / ALC members allow me to introduce myself- My daylight persona's name is Aurelio but within the midst of the subversive twilight hours I am become YaNoMAs; I believe that YNM is the living metaphor of a restless angst that compliments to a breaking-out of a missunderstood culture based psyche. What I envision for my ETG set is of a sound that is temporal, brooding, bubbling and deeply intertwined with continuous complexities and variations of rapid fired low-subcycles; perfect enough to loosen the plexus and revert us back to the primordial state of future contentiousness's. My influences are my labelmates on Pleasure Boat Records and other committed Seattle artisan staples looking to create their own niche within the fabric of sound."

The Algebra of Need (Pleasure Boat Records) - Live

Lydia, aka The Algebra of Need, is an eccentric genius in her craft- the manipulation of live tonal clusters and tension used to build fugues of the future and meditations on hidden corners of the world. Some of the most haunting and brazenly bizarre music happening in Seattle, The Algebra of Need's music is still kept in balance by the alternating beauty and extreme sound manipulation present in her work. David Segal of The Stranger stated "the Algebra of Need is a maverick on the level of Aphex Twin and Raymond Scott." With almost no internet presence or scene involvement there's nothing that can be expected of her next performance.

Heads will be turned (360 degrees).

Mr. Zillion (Eccentric Bliss/Pleasure Boat Records) - Live

A concert violist and professional sound designer turned dance maverick, Mr. Zillion is a masterful producer (you may also know him by his breakbeat/ravecore persona Rave On It). His braindance and tech-house concoctions recall the slickness of Detroit techno and extend melodic funk energy to the horizons.

Menami (Shameless) vs Naturebot (Pleasure Boat Records) - DJ set

Thursday, June 24, 2010

SHOW AND TELL, a new biweekly live electronic music event at the Living Room that showcases new and developing productions and live sets from the Northwest's rich array of producers is pleased to welcome this Wednesday special guests Gunnar Lockwood & YaNoMas!


Witnesses of Gunnar Lockwood's live performances have asserted that this is in fact techno as it should be: somewhat raw, immediate, on-the-fly, and almost primitive. But it's precisely the primitive part of the brain that needs stimulation so that people may be coaxed into dancing nameless, never-before-seen dances. It encourages the kind of injury sustained from overly enthusiastic lovemaking. It's the untying, retying, and then severing of knots. It's like popping bubble wrap – with your genitals.

Hecklers are silenced, backsides are set in motion, and grimaces of satisfaction conquer the faces of listeners. This is all part of the plan, which for all its honesty doesn't feel like a plan, but rather a simple effortless fact. Water is wet and shit stinks.

"These are not the same five tracks you've been hearing all month" to quote Mix Architekt. He continues, "The tunes are fresh, original creations, setting you apart from typical dj stuff."

Gunnar's background in punk and experimental music along with his quiet, fifteen year bedroom evolution as a techno producer have combined into what you hear: a grand, sweeping, rhythmic, explosive mess of surprises and joy. Having recently contributed as a sound designer to Xfer Record's "Nerve" software, Gunnar knows how to sculpt the sounds that make people lose control of minds, behinds, bowels, you name it.

Upcoming release on L.A. label The Funky Kind.


YaNoMas (Pleasure Boat Records)

“Back in February, I reviewed Ya No Mas's Straight Up Hussl Hussl CD-R, calling it ‘fun, but it also cavalierly fucks around with frequencies in a way that recalls iconoclastic Schematic artists like Push Button Objects and Phoenecia.’ Now YNM counterpunches with the full-length Cloud City Sound (Pleasure Boat Records), and the local producer is delving deeper into electro's more rarefied realms. The textures are even stranger and more exotic than those on his previous disc. Fun? Not as much. But overall, Cloud City Sound is more aesthetically satisfying. Although this album is more of a home-listening/headphone work than a collection of explicitly party-friendly choons, Cloud City Sound is no sonic killjoy. Ya No Mas's music seemingly will always bear danceability in its DNA. However, he strives not to make you move with obvious tricks from a genre lousy with practitioners who've been spinning their wheels for years. Ya No Mas's questing spirit and off-kilter creativity ensure that he'll continue to evolve in the electro field, even as most of his peers prefer to lazily retrace former glories. “
- The Stranger, Sept 29th 2009

Music & more info about YaNoMas can be found here:
DJ sets from Show And Tell host Verse.

Recent Show And Tell guests have included The Googly, Naturebot, Retic, Scratchmaster Joe, Rolo Tamasi, Miniature Airlines, and Hjalti.

Join us in the cozy confines of the Living Room to celebrate & enjoy some of the Northwest's finest electronic music producers amongst friends new and familiar!

The Living Room now offer all-night drink specials priced $5 and under!

No cover!

Living Room
1355 E. Olive Way

More about Show And Tell at:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Show And Tell w/Miniature Airlines & Hjalti - Wednesday, June 16 @ Living Room

SHOW AND TELL, a new biweekly live electronic music event that showcases new and developing productions and live sets from the Northwest's rich array of producers is pleased to welcome special guests Miniature Airlines & Hjalti this Wednesday at Living Room!


Dylan Abbott writes pop songs. Lately, he's been in the habit of taking them apart, fucking up all the pieces, and reconstructing them as something else, something that still resembles a pop song structure, but just barely. When he does this, he calls the results Miniature Airlines, and so far he's done this for several years, on two self-released EPs ("Apparel" and "Pushpin Revolution"). Originally known as Airliner (before a Swede with the same name made him change it), Miniature Airlines has taken his music from poppy electro to cerebral glitch, soaking up the influence of IDM, new wave, and hip-hop along the way. Expect melody, splintered breakbeats, heavily processed atmospheres, and titles stolen from Thomas Pynchon novels from this Canadian ex-pat.

More about Miniature Airlines at:

Hjalti [Timm Blakley] is a Seattle based musician with influences which span from industrial to classical. He likens his minimalist style to winter, which has the regret of summer and the hope of spring. He has been described as liking modal chords with jazz influences and a dry snare. He disagrees with the jazz part of this.

More about Hjalti at:


DJ sets by Show And Tell host Verse

The Living Room now offer all-night drink specials priced $5 and under!

No cover!

Living Room
1355 E. Olive Way

More about Show And Tell at: