Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Show & Tell w/WD4D & Retic - Wed Jan 26

Come join us for another edition of Show And Tell, a biweekly live electronic music night showcasing the Northwest’s rich array of talented producers and live PA performers. Our next edition on Wednesday, January 26 at Living Room features new works from two of Seattle’s finest producers who create dynamic and densely textured tracks yet have distinctive styles of their own: WD4D and Retic!

WD4D (live)

One of THE hardest working D...Js/producers in showbizness in Seattle, WD4D returns for his second live set at Show And Tell since last summer. Winner of the 2009 Battle of the Megamixes DJ competition, WD4D expertly blends an amalgam of various genres while maintaining a solidly constructed hip-hop oriented backbeat. His productions are no exception – which makes his upcoming live set at the Living Room that much more compelling. Here’s more from The Stranger's Dave Segal:

“An ursine, bespectacled 33-year-old, Dungan has been on his grind for 15 years, gradually becoming one of the city's most in-demand selectors, beatmakers, and remixers. His other main DJ residencies—Soulectro with DJ ShoNuff and Zulu Radio with Khazm—happen every second Wednesday at Capitol Club and Saturday nights on KBCS, respectively. He also contributes productions for Gabriel Teodros and Air 2 a Bird, and cut a collaborative EP of innovative hiphop instrumentals with Dead Noise (aka Sean Suttikeeree) titled The After School EP1 on Fourthcity. Typically, he has loads of projects in the works. In April, he dropped an EP of remixes via Bandcamp for three of his favorite female Seattle artists—Choklate, Lisa Dank, and Canary Sing—called Post-Hyphy-Romanticrunk. Dungan's wrapping up an EP with Khingz MC Khalil and another EP earmarked for L.A. rapper Subtitle's BriEfcAse Rockers label. He's nearing completion on a split single with Introcut and is planning a live set for what Dungan describes as an "'80s soul-funk" group called Game Show Winners, featuring 17-year-old vocalist Jusmoni.”

RETIC (live)

Show and Tell regular Retic returns for the first time in nearly a half year for his third Show And Tell showcase with brand new material! His last sets at Show And Tell were absolutely stunning, filled with warm synth flourishes, cinematic arrangements, and, of all things, expertly placed samples from 70s yacht rock chestnuts and 80s jangly guitar pop music.

“Retic predominantly works in classic downtempo-IDM mode, evoking the best aspects of Casino Versus Japan, Boards of Canada, and the more chill moments of Plaid. His sound design is mazelike and amazing and his rhythms subtly funky, helping him to enliven a style that peaked over a decade ago.” – Dave Segal, The Stranger

DJ sets from Show And Tell Verse!

No cover!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Show And Tell - Wed Jan 12 w/Relcad & NDCV

SHOW AND TELL is a biweekly listening party for new and veteran electronic music producers every other Wednesday at the Living Room Bar on Capitol Hill.

SHOW AND TELL provides an opportunity for aspiring and familiar producers to debut, preview, and/or showcase live sets and material – all in the cozy confines of the Living Room Bar.

And, damn, we're happy about our guests this time around, Relcad and ndCv! Two absolute stunning a...rtists that both epitomize creativity and originality.

RELCAD is a world-class and heavily-trained experimental house/techno musician that conjures up wild soundscapes and stunning atmospheres that combine the pulse of house music, the detail-centered tweaks of micro-dub, and the relentless energy of techno. Recently he release the full-length album Capitol Island on Pleasure Boat Records and received nationwide radio play.
Dave Segal of The Stranger says that "Capitol Island is another phenomenal excursion into unconventional dance music. Once again, Relcad proves himself to be an artist of fathoms-deep sound-design skills. He imbues the nine tracks on Capitol Island with singularly strange textures and beats that skirt fancifully around the 4/4 template you've heard in millions of techno tracks. Everything old sounds new in Relcad's hands. Many of the tracks here feature spectral voices haunting the periphery (see especially "Morning Breaks" and "You Bring the Juice"), adding intrigue to already fascinating pieces. The concluding title track—which meshes the most sublime elements of Detroit and Köln techno—contains possibly the most gorgeous electronic music you will hear all year... This album belongs in all techno lovers' top 10 for '10."

NDCV is Andy Seaver, whose musical knack involves creating pieces that feel suspended in air. Creating many pieces from found sound, Andy creates such fragile and glowing tunes that they've stopped me dead in my tracks in the past. ndCv has released a few albums that are definitely worth your time, check them out at This is the first ndCv show to happen in quite a while, and we can't say enough good things about his music.

Hosted by Naturebot , who'll be djing a panoply of local and forgotten tunes. Bring your ears!

We're going to try a special setup at the Living Room this time around... also bring your dance slacks.

Its also Naturebot's birthday party, so there may be a bit less clothing that usual. You've been warned.

No cover, 9PM start, happy hour specials until 10PM- $1 pizzas/sliders and $3 drafts/well drinks. Now isn't that fun?