Saturday, August 28, 2010

Douglas Teike (aka Retic) - Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar


It's a downright gorgeous day down here in Portland visiting with friends and working on projects. Blue sky, a delicate wind blowing through the trees across from my friend's porch - all providing an amazing visual accompaniment to what I'm listening to right now: Douglas Teike's beautiful album Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar.

Perhaps best known as Retic (under which he's made outstanding records and performed inventive & cinematic live PA sets), Doug establishes a mood that gives me the chills. It is not always easy to make music that naturally and effortlessly reaches deep into your soul, but Doug accomplishes this on this record. The mood of Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar is reflective, hopeful, and richly textured with generous flourishes of synth washes and guitar loops, creating a world you want to dive in headfirst. I cannot recommend this enough.

Douglas Teike - Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Show And Tell Regulators' All-Vinyl Extravaganza!!


Wednesday, September 1 @ Living Room!

SPECIAL NIGHT!! Show And Tell generally takes place on 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, but the idea got tossed around amongst some Show And Tell regulars (or, as I like to call them, Regulators) to put down the Ableton & Korgs for a night and bust out some vinyl to bestow upon ye!

Join Show And Tell Regulators as we play an evening of all-vinyl DJ sets from many of the producers and participants who have played the night in recent months.... Expect to crazy vinyl selections of all shapes and sizes.

Car Stereo Destroys Michael Bolton Tape (aka Miniature Airlines & Hjalti)
DJ Penicillium Roqueforti (aka Amanda Manitach - her DJ debut!)
DJ Sea-Tac International Airport (aka Naturebot)
DJ See You At The Party Richter (aka Verse)
DJ Vincent Price (aka Citizen Mori)

No cover!

Drink specials all night long!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Show And Tell - Wed Aug 25 w/Drone Machine, Skoi, & Verse

Show And Tell @ Living Room, a biweekly on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month celebrating the Northwest’s rich array of live electronic music artists and producers, closes out summer with a triple shot of live performances from Drone Machine, Skoi, and Verse’s live debut!



Beats that warm head and heart, and the goose bumps remain. Be taken aback to beloved memories, with the music of Drone Machine. Passion unlike any other burns throughout the heavy bass lines, spastic beats, and light melodies. Created from a dream and humble background at the age of 17, Ken Kohn a native Olympian, started the Drone Machine project. Five years now passed, and he has mastered the delicate balance between the electricity from a power line to his fingertips to create a head on collision that will pound any brain into frontal lobe lobotomy.



A music collection as vast, rare, and imported as his knowledge in fine beers. Spanning from lager-step to quadruple fermented space yeastbient. He has a fuzzy beard and smiles a lot.
Also known as Frequent The Tides (a project with Dojo) and Jesus Lives In The Basement, this inner-other-worldly character comes chalked full of surprises...

VERSE (live debut!)


Show And Tell host Verse is making his live debut! Verse has been rocking Seattle decks since 2004, where he got his start with Flea Market, an acclaimed residency featuring Brent Tactic (now in KC as part of the nationally known DJ/producer team Tactic), Kadeejah Streets (Innerflight), Scratchmaster Joe, and Greg Skidmore. He was also a resident of Portland's Sluts + Squares at Rotture, as well as Seattle residencies Tasters Choice Fridays & Freak Out Saturdays, both at Capitol Club. He is currently the host of the live electronic music night Show And Tell, also at Living Room. Verse has played in Seattle, Portland, and Austin alongside James Holden, Eva, Recess, Jerry Abstract, Scorpio, Nordic Soul, Kris Moon, Kristina Childs, Eva, Scratchmaster Joe, Sam Kirkland, krnl.panic, Struggle, Julia, TJ Gorton, Barbarella, among many others. Verse plays an amalgam of tech-house, electro, breaks, deep house, and just about everything else, if it fits the mood. He is never afraid of taking risks while always maintaining a danceable vibe for his audience.

Verse has also collaborated with INTIMAN Theatre, Rat City Rollergirls, the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas, and Comcast Arena in Everett, Washington.

More about Verse:

Join us on Wednesday, August 25 at Living Room!! As always, there's no cover and there are many, many great drink specials to be had all night!

Join the Show And Tell community:

Living Room
1355 E. Olive Way

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Next Show And Tell features Retic & The Algebra of Need


Come join us for another edition of Show And Tell, a biweekly live electronic music night showcasing the Northwest’s rich array of talented producers and live PA performers. Our next edition on Wednesday, August 11 at Living Room features new works from two of Seattle’s finest producers who craft densely textured and visceral music: Retic & The Algebra Of Need.


Retic returns for his second Show And Tell showcase this year and has promised the debut of newly crafted material and customized visuals just for the occasion. His last sets at Show And Tell were absolutely stunning, filled with warm synth flourishes, cinematic arrangements, and, of all things, expertly placed samples from 70s yacht rock chestnuts and 80s jangly guitar pop music. Listen to his last Show And Tell sets here and here!

“Retic predominantly works in classic downtempo-IDM mode, evoking the best aspects of Casino Versus Japan, Boards of Canada, and the more chill moments of Plaid. His sound design is mazelike and amazing and his rhythms subtly funky, helping him to enliven a style that peaked over a decade ago.” – Dave Segal, The Stranger

Hear tracks from Retic at:
CD Baby



“Nobody in this city—or on this planet, for that matter—sounds like the Algebra of Need. Her pieces range from 47 seconds to 20 minutes, and they follow circuitous paths to seldom-trod regions abounding with highly unusual tones and bizarrely charming tunes. Some tracks boast a monomaniacal, hypnotic quality; others move in unpredictable spasms and lurches. But no matter the methodology, they spellbind with the sure grip of genius. It might seem hyperbolic, but I think that the Algebra of Need is a maverick on the level of Aphex Twin and Raymond Scott.” – Dave Segal, The Stranger

Hear tracks from The Algebra Of Need on Soundcloud

Past Show And Tell guests include Naturebot, Gunnar Lockwood, YaNoMas, Cyanwave, Rolo Tamasi, Miniature Airlines, Googly, Citizen Mori, Hjalti, JT O’Neill, and Scratchmaster Joe.

Join at the cozy confines of the Living Room for our next edition of Show And Tell!

No cover!
Drink specials all night priced $5 and under!!