Saturday, August 28, 2010

Douglas Teike (aka Retic) - Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar


It's a downright gorgeous day down here in Portland visiting with friends and working on projects. Blue sky, a delicate wind blowing through the trees across from my friend's porch - all providing an amazing visual accompaniment to what I'm listening to right now: Douglas Teike's beautiful album Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar.

Perhaps best known as Retic (under which he's made outstanding records and performed inventive & cinematic live PA sets), Doug establishes a mood that gives me the chills. It is not always easy to make music that naturally and effortlessly reaches deep into your soul, but Doug accomplishes this on this record. The mood of Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar is reflective, hopeful, and richly textured with generous flourishes of synth washes and guitar loops, creating a world you want to dive in headfirst. I cannot recommend this enough.

Douglas Teike - Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar

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