Monday, February 14, 2011

SHOW & TELL w/Camino Acid (aka SciFiSol & Senor Frio, PDX) - Wednesday, February 23 @ Living Room

Show And Tell, a biweekly showcase of live electronic music made in the Northwest, is pleased to welcome two of Portland’s most imaginative and dynamic producers to the Living Room: SciFiSol & Senor Frio – performing as Camino Acid!
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Camino Acid is the side project of avant-garde electronic solo artists SciFiSol and Senor Frio. They have been known to keep an audience's rapt attention with expansively spacey jamz of the most intimate proportions. Each boasting releases on several labels known for an eclectic style, their live performances are given to unique influence by everything from dark electro, idm, techno and ambient styles overlaced with SciFiSol's haunting voice.

Camino Acid will also perform a tag team DJ set of originals that will include some of their solo releases as SciFiSol & Senor Frio, featured on labels such as High Tension Recordings, Bleep Sequence, Buried In Time, Digital Distortions, Narita, and Pleasure Boat Records.

Listen to music from Camino Acid here:
Soundcloud - SciFiSol
Soundcloud - Senor Frio

Purchase SciFiSol’s new recording Inject Image, released on Pleasure Boat Records, at:

Hosted by Show And Tell residents Naturebot & Verse

9-10pm Happy Hour Power Hour: $3 wells/beer/wine & $1 sliders/pan pizzas

No cover!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Your City Sleeps - Live at Show And Tell, February 9, 2011

One of last Wednesday's fine guests Your City Sleeps kindly posted a Soundcloud stream/download of his Show And Tell set!

Your City Sleeps - The Living Room, Seattle 02/09/11 by Your City Sleeps LIVE

Download it HERE!

Monday, February 7, 2011

SHOW & TELL w/Scratchmaster Joe, Your City Sleeps - Wed. Feb. 9!

Show And Tell, a biweekly showcase of live electronic music made in the Northwest, presents new material from our special guest producers Scratchmaster Joe & Your City Sleeps!
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Lately, Scratchmaster Joe has been busy with new original productions and live sets, but as many already know, he's been incredibly active in many other creative realms: DMC competitor, graffiti art installation manager, educator, promoter. As one half of Famous Players (with ex-Seattle resident Sam Kirkland), Joe released the acclaimed bass mixtape Scratchmaster Joe and freakdat! Are Famous Players (2005) on their Famous label (

Here are some of the many admirable quotes about this local legend:

"Musically, he's an egotistical showman, a championship-level turntablist that shows off the results of years planted in front of a pair of decks." Donte Parks, The Stranger

"The rhythms and tones Joe derives and wields are unendingly danceable. It was completely spell binding to watch him work. True vinyl genius.” Trent Moornman, The Stranger

Here's Joe in action at two DMC competitions:

DMC Southern Finals – New Orleans (2009)

DMC NW Finals – Seattle (2003-2006)

- - - -

Your city sleeps is an Electronic Music Project from the mind of Seattle Producer/DJ Miles Kazemian. Miles was introduced to the electronic music scene by exploring the seattle rave culture in the early 2000's. Influenced by artists like Dieselboy, AK1200, Dj Dara, and Zacharia (A Seattle DnB Chairman) Miles began to spin drum and bass music under the handle "Dj Program" In and around the end of 2002. Since then More and more artists have continued to evolve, and create new genres of music all around the electronic spectrum. Artists like Autechre, and Aphex Twin have Paved the way for Miles and Your City Sleeps and countless other artists to produce experimental and shocking works of art, that are as Melodic as they are tough. Through the use of Digital Production, Your City Sleeps Brings forth a new kind of experimental ambient music. "I like to make people think when they listen. About places and experiences. Life and death." Miles said about his new album, Now. "I want people to think about a lot of things when they hear my music, and I make it to suit them in that way. I like to hear what people think about when they hear a song I wrote. A lot of people believe that music needs words to be about anything, and I believe that this is simply not true. What makes a symphony beautiful? It's not words. It can't be described. I just like to make music that makes me think about things, fantasy or real. Be it out of love, or hate."

Hosted by Show And Tell resident Verse

9-10pm Happy Hour Power Hour: $3 wells/beer/wine & $1 sliders/pan pizzas

No cover!