Thursday, June 10, 2010

Show And Tell w/Miniature Airlines & Hjalti - Wednesday, June 16 @ Living Room

SHOW AND TELL, a new biweekly live electronic music event that showcases new and developing productions and live sets from the Northwest's rich array of producers is pleased to welcome special guests Miniature Airlines & Hjalti this Wednesday at Living Room!


Dylan Abbott writes pop songs. Lately, he's been in the habit of taking them apart, fucking up all the pieces, and reconstructing them as something else, something that still resembles a pop song structure, but just barely. When he does this, he calls the results Miniature Airlines, and so far he's done this for several years, on two self-released EPs ("Apparel" and "Pushpin Revolution"). Originally known as Airliner (before a Swede with the same name made him change it), Miniature Airlines has taken his music from poppy electro to cerebral glitch, soaking up the influence of IDM, new wave, and hip-hop along the way. Expect melody, splintered breakbeats, heavily processed atmospheres, and titles stolen from Thomas Pynchon novels from this Canadian ex-pat.

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Hjalti [Timm Blakley] is a Seattle based musician with influences which span from industrial to classical. He likens his minimalist style to winter, which has the regret of summer and the hope of spring. He has been described as liking modal chords with jazz influences and a dry snare. He disagrees with the jazz part of this.

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DJ sets by Show And Tell host Verse

The Living Room now offer all-night drink specials priced $5 and under!

No cover!

Living Room
1355 E. Olive Way

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