Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Show and Tell Line-up! Twin Peaks edition July 14!


Thanks to everyone who came down to the Living Room last night! Gunnar Lockwood and YaNoMas played fierce and richly textured sets - glad they were able to be part of the night.

Show And Tell has exciting events in store this summer, including a late July showcase with live sets from Cyanwave (Justin Byrnes and Keith Kelley) and JT O'Neill on Wednesday, July 28. But we begin July with our next installment on Wednesday, July 14. In conjunction with the earlier Opening Night festivities of the It Is Happening Again art installment at the Living Room, Show And Tell is pleased to bring you a presentation of a selection of Twin Peaks episodes with live and (mostly) improvised live sets from Citizen Mori, The Googly, and Verse (me)! Inspired by the exhibit itself and our friends who produce Monster Planet each month at Can Can, we will project Twin Peaks on a large screen, cut the sound, and provide our own soundtrack as owls lurk overhead and observe the proceedings. Sounds deliciously sinister, no?!

Join us on Wednesday, July 14 at Living Room!! As always, there's no cover and there are many, many great drink specials to be had all night!

Read more about the It Is Happening Again exhibit with Joey Veltkamp:


"Owls have many different meanings throughout cultures. They are seen as portents of death, carriers of souls between worlds, evidence of sorcery, observers, and alien surveillance drones...."

For IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN, Joey Veltkamp has created a paper mache parliament of 30 owls, each of a slightly different feather (silver, pink, spotted, barn). Opposite this wall of owls, a deer trophy of Brobdingnagian proportions, also made of paper mache, will be mounted. These sculptures directly reference Twin Peaks and speak indirectly to the hipster taxidermy motifs on Capitol Hill, the passé trend of deer art (now supplanted by the latest “it” animal – owls) and the artist’s own sentimental attachment to anything related to deer.

Join us for the reception (and The Living Room's inaugural art opening) on July 14th. Pour yourself a coffee, dust off your Julee Cruise album and “Let’s rock.”


Joey Veltkamp (Helena, Montana) is an artist living and working in Seattle, Washington. His art is focused on personal relationships and community. He runs an art blog that focuses primarily on local art with the occasional artist interviews. He curates the art for a dinner series called The New Guard that celebrates one chef, one artist and one musician. In participation with City Arts, he hosts a monthly art walk after party where one artist receives a $500 unrestricted grant. He was a 2010 Neddy nominee in painting, was Seattle University’s inaugural visual artist-in-residence and is a member of SOIL artist run gallery.

SHOW DATES: July 14 - August 31, 2010
OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, July 14th, 2010, 6-9pm

Show And Tell - Twin Peaks edition - begins at 9pm

Living Room
1355 E. Olive Way

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