Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SHOW AND TELL w/Crown Hill Repeater & Your City Sleeps - Wed April 13 @ Living Room

SHOW AND TELL is a biweekly listening party for new and veteran electronic music producers every other Wednesday at the Living Room Bar on Capitol Hill. This time around we have the elusive and astounding duo Crown Hill Repeater playing for a full two hours and a lovely late night set by the great ambient man about town Your City Sleeps!

Hosted by Show And Tell resident Naturebot

Come early and take advantage of $3 wells/drafts/wine & $1 sliders/pizza between 9-10pm.

No cover, ever

More information below. See you there!

Living Room - 1355 E. Olive Way

CROWN HILL REPEATER (2 hour live set!)
The Crown Hill Repeater has many aspects, but musically it is the anxious child of Eric Moon and W. C. Snavely. Both Moon and Snavely have a long-lasting history of electronic music production grounded in early-childhood expreriments with Commodore personal computers. Roughly 39 years of tinkering and gear-lust between the two have resulted in several solo endeavors, weird collaborations, and releases. Somehow, it led them both to Crown Hill, Washington (Occupied Cascadia).

CHR live performances aim to entertain both the audience and the performers without sacrificing musicality. Rather than playing the same canned sets over and over with small variations in timing and crossfades, Moon and Snavely largely improvise, using fragments of past works, a tableful of willful hardware, and, occasionally, actual music instruments.

Eric Moon has been prolific for the last decade, influencing and inspiring many people in the greater Seattle area. He has regularly performed at conferences such as Seattle's Decibel Festival and the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival, as well as one-off performances and DJ sets at various Seattle venues. Many artists have collaborated with Moon ranging from Austin, TX to Hawaii. As Seiche, Eric continues to explore the balance between deep space isolation and terrestrial paralysis.

William Collin Snavely (aka DOSC) shares Eric's infatuation with electronic music creation and ground-up sound synthesis. As DOSC, William creates densely rhythmic soundscapes inspired by American melodrama. One of first IDM artists to have a small feature in SPIN magazine, as well as several glowing reviews of his debut album Status Negatives, Snavely continues to produce and perform under various monikers as well as make a career out of sound design.

Your city sleeps is an Electronic Music Project from the mind of Seattle Producer/DJ Miles Kazemian. Miles was introduced to the electronic music scene by exploring the seattle rave culture in the early 2000's. Influenced by artists like Dieselboy, AK1200, Dj Dara, and Zacharia (A Seattle DnB Chairman) Miles began to spin drum and bass music under the handle "Dj Program" around the end of 2002. Since then more and more artists have continued to evolve, and create new genres of music all around the electronic spectrum. Artists like Autechre, and Aphex Twin have Paved the way for Miles and Your City Sleeps and countless other artists to produce experimental and shocking works of art, that are as Melodic as they are tough.

"I like to make people think when they listen. About places and experiences. Life and death." Miles said about his album, The Illustrator. "I want people to think about a lot of things when they hear my music, and I make it to suit them in that way. I like to hear what people think about when they hear a song I wrote. A lot of people believe that music needs words to be about anything, and I believe that this is simply not true. What makes a symphony beautiful? It's not words. It can't be described. I just like to make music that makes me think about things, fantasy or real. Be it out of love, or hate."


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